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WeserwaertsCarstenMattisThe stories:

Sebastian Kautz, the actor and director and Gero John, the musician and composer, present tales from and about Bremen, the famous German Hanseatic city, in their programme Towards the river Weser!.
Bremo, our cheeful and sometimes cheeky compère – a puppet –, will steer you through the climactic events of Bremen's history.

Follow Bremen's Brood-hen to the safe banks of the river Weser and thus become one of the founding fathers of Bremen! "Hungry for Bremen", you will witness the legendary fight against Hüklüt the Giant! Assist the Seven Lazy Idlers contributing innovative ideas for the benefit of Bremen's inhabitants! Of course, you will also meet the world famous Bremen City Musicians, though they'll be disguised as you have never seen or heard them before... And you will witness how the jester Till Eulenspiegel leads Bremen's city councillors up the garden path. But never ever yield to the temptation of Gesche Gottfried's delicacies – you might come to an untimely end!

The production:

Towards the river Weser! is a colourful mixture of various theatrical means, such as conventional and mask acting, glove and shadow puppetry, and live cello music – fun for the whole family!

The cast:

Sebastian Kautz is the actor and puppeteer, wrote the script, designed the sets, and directed the show.
Gero John plays cello music composed by himself.

For interested parties:

Featuring the actor/director Sebastian Kautz and the musician/composer Gero John, Towards the river Weser! is a mobile production conceived for tours to various destinations and auditoriums.
Surtitles are recommended for non-German speaking audiences.
Duration time: 80 minutes (not counting pauses between the various tales)
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