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"Wild beasts will continue to exist, even if ever better machines are invented."

In his stirring crime novel La Bête Humaine (1890) the great French writer Émile Zola focusses on a phenomenon of alarming relevance to the present, viz. the lack of empathy and the increasing callousness permeating today's society.
Roubaud, a railwayman, his wife Séverine, and Jacques Lantier, her lover, are the main characters of the drama. Desperately struggling for private happiness and social recognition, they do not even shrink from murder in their frenzy of passion and jealousy.

Using the rapidly developing railway traffic as an example, Zola describes the industrialization of Western Europe in graphic detail and, in doing so, confronts his readers with the same questions that we are still facing in today's digital age: Where will our obsession with technology take us? How do we communicate with each other? Do we still listen to each other at all? Have moral tenets such as tolerance, compassion, or solidarity become obsolete?

The production:

Bühne Cipolla, co-producing with Metropol Ensemble, bremer shakespeare company, Lagerhaus cultural centre Bremen and Duisburg theatre, present a puppet show for adult audiences with live music based on La Bête Humaine by Émile Zola. They make use of the original literary work to provide a gripping theatrical experience.

The cast:

Sebastian Kautz, who also adapted the novel for the stage, has directed the show, performs as actor and puppeteer, and is responsible for the stage setting.
Gero John, who plays the cello and the keyboards, is the composer and sound designer.
Melanie Kuhl created the puppets and designed the costumes and stage decoration.
Harry Großmann is the light designer.

For interested parties:

Featuring the actor/director Sebastian Kautz and the musician/composer Gero John, The Human Beast is a mobile production conceived for tours to various destinations and auditoriums.
Surtitles are recommended for non-German speaking audiences.
Duration time: 90 min, no intervall.
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