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Bühne Cipolla creates a gripping stage experience for puppet theatre with live music based on the cult novel Picnic at Hanging Rock by Australian author Joan Lindsay. 

The story:

During a class outing, three schoolgirls disappear in an impassable mountain range. Days later, two men who had happened to observe the picnic party find one of the young women among the rocks. She remembers nothing and there is no trace of the other two missing persons. Chaotic crisis management by the school administration, unsuccessful police work and the anger and despair of the relatives, fuelled by the sensationalism of the media and wildly proliferating conspiracy theories, shake the orderly world of the strictly conservative college and increasingly affect the whole country. In her cult novel Picnic on Valentine's Day, Australian author Joan Lindsay tells of the upheavals and outbursts of a young generation, of the claim to a self-determined life in an imploding social system. With their mysterious disappearance, the three young people pose a riddle to the adult world that we are all challenged to solve.

The production:

The stage version, which is a co-production of Bühne Cipolla with Theater Duisburg, Schaulust Bremen e.V. and Metropol Ensemble, blends quotations from Lindsay's original text with elements of puppet theatre and live cello music to provide an unusual and memorable theatrical experience.

The cast:

Sebastian Kautz and Gero John are the performers. Sebastian Kautz, who also adapted the novella for the stage, is the director, puppeteer and actor. Gero John, who also composed the music, plays the cello and is the sound designer as well. Sebastian Kautz and Melanie Kuhl designed the stage setting. Melanie Kuhl created the puppets and costumes. Frank Barufke is the light designer.

For interested parties:

Picnic at Hanging Rock is a mobile production conceived for tours to various destinations and auditoriums.
Surtitles are recommended for non-German speaking audiences.
Duration time: 70 min, no intervall.

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