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Mario und der Zauberer
Do, 28. Jun 2018, 19:30Theater DuisburgDetails/Tickets »

Mario und der Zauberer
Do, 30. Aug 2018, 20:00Schaulust, BremenDetails/Tickets »

Mario und der Zauberer
So, 21. Okt 2018, 19:30Stadttheater DuisburgDetails/Tickets »

Mario und der Zauberer
Mo, 22. Okt 2018, 20:00Kulturring LohneDetails/Tickets »

MarioCipollaKopfueberThe story:

A strange holiday. And a strange magician.
Mario and the Magician is a stage version of the famous novella by the German writer Thomas Mann, Nobel Prize laureate in 1929. It tells the story of the magician and hypnotist Cipolla, a diabolical cripple who in his show booth enthralls audiences by his sharp tongue and strangely fascinating aura. However, his macabre experiments end in disaster, as his dangerous game turns deadly serious.

Unfolding in fascist Italy in the 1930s, in an atmosphere permeated by distrust and intolerance towards everything unfamiliar, the story of Thomas Mann's novella is nothing less than a parable of man's susceptibility to manipulation.

The production:

The stage version, which is a co-production of Bühne Cipolla, metropol-ensemble and bremer shakespeare company, blends quotations from Mann's original text with elements of puppet theatre and live cello music to provide an unusual and memorable theatrical experience.

The cast:

Sebastian Kautz and Gero John are the performers.
Sebastian Kautz, who also adapted the novella for the stage, is the director, puppeteer, and actor.
Gero John, who also composed the music, plays the cello and is the sound designer as well.
Sebastian Kautz and Melanie Kuhl designed the stage setting.
Melanie Kuhl created the puppets and costumes.
Sebastian Kautz created the masks.
Harry Großmann is the light designer.

For interested parties:

Mario and the Magician is a mobile production conceived for tours to various destinations and auditoriums.
Surtitles are recommended for non-German speaking audiences.
Duration time: 70 min, no intervall.
It will be our pleasure to provide interested parties with a DVD containing a trailer as well as a complete recording of this production.
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